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Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Bracelet

Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Bracelet

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Experience Gemineye Jewellery’s iconic Cubic Zirconia necklaces, now available in a stunning gift set. The Silver Dolphin Heart CZ Bracelet is essential for those who adore sparkle. Whether worn alone or combined with other pieces, it's a game-changer in the world of stacking! 

-       925 Sterling Silver 
-       Adjustable  
-       Cubic Zirconia Crystals 
-       Check out our matching Bracelets and Necklaces! 

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    Avoid placing near heaters, windows, air conditioners, or in bathrooms. Refrain from wearing while in the pool.


    Take off your jewellery during exercise or any strenuous physical activity, as perspiration can lead to the tarnishing of the jewellery.


    Optimal jewellery storage involves using our original boxes or pouches. If these are unavailable, a zip plastic bag serves as an excellent alternative.


    Put on scents or cosmetics before wearing your jewellery, as perfumes and lotions can cause tarnishing.