The Ring Stacking Guide

Whether you're a novice in ring stacking or seeking to expand your collection, our Ring Stacking Guide is brimming with our best styling advice. Continue scrolling to discover your next stack and gather inspiration along the way



Ring stacking involves layering rings on one or multiple fingers, allowing you to mix textures and metals to create a unique jewellery style. It's an ideal way to rotate and showcase your collection, adapting your everyday pieces for various occasions.

At Gemineye Jewellery, we encourage discovering your unique style and experimenting with various combinations, whether through ear piercings, necklace layering, or ring stacking. Our styling tips are here to guide you. Continue scrolling to learn the art of professional ring stacking.



1) MIX AND MATCH - Introduce diversity to your ring arrangement by blending various textures, colours, and designs.

2) CREATE BALANCE - Avoid concentrating solely on one hand; instead, enhance both hands with details for a balanced and symmetrical look.

3) CONSIDER YOUR FOCAL POINT - Select a standout ring as your focal point and build your stack around it. Chunky rings or those adorned with stones make excellent starting choices.



1)  THE BOLDER THE BETTER - Creating a robust and textured appearance with bold, chunky rings involves layering for both wearability and impact. We suggest choosing two to three bold rings as focal points and complementing them with thinner bands to introduce contrast.

2) MIXED METALS - Incorporating both gold and silver rings into your stack is a fashionable method of layering. A blend of metals allows you to wear all your favorites simultaneously, irrespective of plating. We adore alternating between silver and gold to achieve a harmonious appearance.

3) LESS IS MORE - A ring arrangement doesn't have to consist of numerous rings. For minimalists, a refined stack with two or three rings exudes a sleek and elegant charm—sometimes, less truly is more.

4) MORE IS MORE - Attention, maximalists! This is tailor-made for you. Piling up rings with diverse textures and colors creates a bold and carefully curated appearance. Embrace your unique style, and play around with various rings to discover your personalised maximalist stack.

5) ADD SHINING STONES - If you adore sparkle and semi-precious stones, here's a guide on crafting an ideal ring stack. Pair stone rings with understated styles to amplify their brilliance, and play with a variety of textures and colors for experimentation.


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