The How-To Guide to Earrings

We are currently experiencing the era of the "curated ear," where individuals ranging from celebrities to enthusiasts of jewellery are now venturing into crafting their unique collections of piercings and stylish ear stacks.
With numerous options to consider and the introduction of new earring terminology, it can often be confusing to determine where to begin. Therefore, let's take a step back and revisit the fundamentals for a moment. We'll refresh our understanding of the different types of earrings suitable for styling stacks and familiarise ourselves with the common earring terms that jewellery brands are now using.
Understanding the distinctions between ear cuffs and climbers, as well as between hoops and huggies, is the initial step toward discovering your unique curated ear stacking style.
The origin of it all lies in the hoop earring. Timeless and classic, it suits any occasion effortlessly. Medium to large hoops can serve as the focal point of your stack, adding a statement element to transition your look seamlessly from day to night. On the other hand, stacking small, simple hoops together creates a subtle yet stylishly edgy appearance.
Studs serve as an excellent foundation for your stack, especially if you prefer an elegant and understated style. They also offer a delightful way to complement larger, more eye-catching earrings. Adding a touch of everyday sparkle to your stack, studs allow your outfit to shine without overpowering it.
Huggies are a type of small hoop earrings that snugly encircle the earlobe, sitting close to it. They are typically thicker than traditional hoops and features a lever back closure, allowing the curved back of the earring to click into place securely. Gemineye Jewellery offers a diverse selection of huggies in various designs. Whether they are plain silver or gold plated huggies, or adorned with stones, jewels, or delicate dangling charms, these earrings are stunning when worn alone or as part of a stack.
Creating an ear stack is about exploration and creativity, involving various platings, colours, textures, and sizes. Whether you have few or many piercings, the possibilities for stacking are limitless. Begin by selecting a standout earring, such as a statement piece, an ear cuff, or a jeweled helix stud, to serve as the focal point of your ear. This will catch immediate attention, around which you can build your stack. Embrace asymmetry by experimenting with different styles on each side, like pairing a hoop with a stud or mixing silver and gold. In this game, there are no strict rules—let your imagination guide you.


What earrings suit me?

Various shapes and sizes complement different facial contours, hence it's recommended to explore and discover your preferences.


What earrings are best for sensitive ears?

Typically, four metals are recommended for individuals with sensitive ears: Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Titanium, and Platinum. Nickel is often the main culprit for allergic reactions, so avoiding it can help keep sensitive ears free from allergies. Always ensure to check the composition of earrings before buying them. Luckily, all of our earrings are sterling silver or gold plated but more importantly, nickel-free!


What earrings can you sleep in?

In theory, you can wear any earrings while sleeping, but some may not be comfortable. Plated earrings may wear away over time with frequent use, so it's advisable to store them in the airtight bag or box they came in to maintain their condition.


How many earrings are too many?

It ultimately boils down to individual taste and fashion sense! At Gemineye Jewellery, we say the more the better, so stack away! Experiment with combinations that are uniquely yours!


Can I wear sterling silver earrings in the shower?

Certainly, Sterling Silver earrings are safe to wear in the shower. However, exposure to water can expedite the oxidation process, leading to quicker darkening of the silver.


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